Essiac for Dogs. 50 Capsules of goodness.

Essiac for Dogs. 50 Capsules of goodness.


Essiac For Dogs

Organic Essiac For Dogs




We use the ENTIRE Sheep Sorrel plant, including the roots.
Our formula has 20% root!
Dogs are more than a family pet, they are one of the family and when
they become unwell it affects everyone and we will do everything
to treat them and give them the best possible care.
As with people, dogs often get cancer, arthritis and other health issues, especially as they get older. Cancer is the health issue that most
dog owners are concerned about and it can have a traumatic effect on the family.
Essiac may help your pet's health by:
1. Increases the production of antibodies that will help fight disease.

2. Protects cells against free radicals.

3. Strengthens muscles.

4. Improves the function of organs and tissues.

5. Assists in removing toxic accumulation in the body, partly by facilitating colon health and encouraging healthy elimination.

6. Strengthens bones.

7. Strengthens lungs.

8. Increases the flexibility of the muscles and joints.

9. Can reduce or purge the body of abnormal growths and tumors that may develop in your animal, whether they be cancerous or benign.