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Organic Esssiac






Generally,  in cases of individuals who weigh much more or much less than average, you may want to vary your dosage according to weight. Vary your Esssiac tea dosage based solely on seriousness of the condition. Always adjust your dosage according to your individual needs and tolerance if necessary.

All doses should be taken on an empty stomach. This means you should avoid eating for 2 hours before and 1 hour after taking Esssiac for best results. Esssiac was tested by people with an empty stomach, and this will ensure maximum absorption of your Esssiac tea dosage.


Aggressive Dose

Most people choose to take the aggressive dose because they are drinking Esssiac tea in an attempt to improve their health.  

You should commit to the aggressive dose for 6 months before you attempt to determine whether Esssiac is of benefit to you. An aggressive regimen is required if you expect your health to improve dramatically.
Recommended aggressive dose of Esssiac tea is 9 oz, 3 x 3ozs. Some people notice a benefit almost immediately, but it takes others up to 6 months to notice an effect.


Aggressive PLUS Dose

Aggressive PLUS dose is 6 oz. of brewed tea taken three times per day. This dose is appropriate for anyone that needs the strongest possible dose, or anyone that is on chemo or radiation treatment.

Maintenance Dose

Most people remain on the maintenance dose indefinitely, but if a health issue arises, they go back to the aggressive dose, for as long as needed.

Recommended maintenance dose of Essiac tea is 6 oz. 2 x 3ozs.

Remember, you may need a different Essiac tea dosage if:

--you are currently on chemotherapy or radiation
--you are looking for health maintenance or disease prevention
--you are detoxifying
--you can not tolerate the aggressive dosage at first.

Always consult with your health care practitioner.


Factors that affect Esssiac tea dosage


There are three factors that affect the recommended Essiac tea dosage. However, we feel that these are the most important:

1. Seriousness of your health condition. For those fighting cancer or another health condition to take the aggressive or aggressive plus Esssiac tea dosage.

Other factors affecting the recommended Esssiac tea dosage are:

  1. Tolerance for the taste of the tea. Some people find it difficult to drink the tea, due to the taste.  Some do find the taste a little bitter, others can tolerate it quite easily. Those that do find it bitter, do adjust to the taste after a week or so.  A good tip is to swallow the tea without tasting.  That is, just 'knock it back' and don't breath through your nose as you do it.  Remember, the tea is more effective if you do not strain it before serving. Shake your container before pouring your doses to disperse the herb particles that remain. If you cannot drink you full dose, drink as much as you possibly can.

    3. Body weight. Lighter people may require smaller Essiac tea dosages, while heavier people may need more Esssiac to achieve the same level of effectiveness. Obviously, if you are at a normal adult bodyweight, no need to change the dosage.


Aggressive Dose:

Typical recommended Esssiac tea dosage is 9 oz. per day,  3 x 3ozs daily.

This is the recommended Esssiac tea dosage if you have (or suspect that you have) cancer or another health problem.

You should stay on the aggressive dosage programme for at least five months, or until your test results return to normal. If your test results have returned to normal, you can reduce your Esssiac tea to the maintenance dosage of 3 oz. a day.  If your symptoms return,  t return to the aggressive dosage of three 3 oz. doses per day.

While the original condition persists, continue on the aggressive treatment dosage until your condition improves and you are happy with the results. Remember that many peoples condition continues to deteriorate when they are not taking Essiac, so if your condition stays stable, that is a thing to celebrate.

Organic Essiac Tea can be taken during traditional cancer treatments without interfering with that treatment. If you are currently undertaking chemotherapy or radiation, be aware that chemo and radiation can destroy some of the active properties of the Esssiac tea. In other words, chemo and radiation can prevent Esssiac tea from doing its job somewhat. Taking "extra" tea to compensate for this acts as insurance that the Esssiac you're taking will be able to do its work in your body. If you plan to continue your chemo and/or radiation, you might consider taking up to 18 oz. of tea per day, or three 6-oz. doses. Many people on chemo and/or radiation have tried the 18 oz. per day with good results. However, some decide to stay with just 9 oz. per day, and many of those people have also had good results. You will need to decide, with the help of your health practitioner, what is the right course of action for you.

Aggressive PLUS Dose:

For the highest level of treatment, take 6 oz. of brewed tea three times per day.

Maintenance Dose: The maintenance (or preventive) Esssiac tea dosage is 6 oz. of tea per day, taken in two 3 oz. doses of brewed tea.

Administer the maintenance dose for at least 6 months after your test results have returned to normal. Many people choose to continue the maintenance dose indefinitely to maintain their good health. Some also take a maintenance dose of Esssiac tea as a daily preventive supplement, even though they have no health issues.  Essiac is great as a healthy part of the daily diet as it has so many minerals that are essential for a healthy immune system.

How long you take Essiac for is your decision. At, we choose to stay on Esssiac at all times to maintain our good health, and we encourage our friends and family to do the same.  Esssiac can be taken indefinitely.

Detoxification Dose: If you wish to start a detoxification regimen, these are typically done for a fixed period of time. Many people choose 3  or 6 months for detoxification.  2-6 oz. of tea per day would be a typical detox dosage. However, some do shorter but more intensive detoxifications. The Esssiac tea dosage for a 2 or 4 week detox is 9 oz. per day, taken in three separate 3 oz. doses.

The ideal length of time between your detoxification regimens depends on three key areas:

1. Have you been exposed to toxins, including chemicals, pollution, diet, etc.

2. How healthy are you to start with?  Is your body able to purge itself of toxins easily? 

3. Your personal wishes


How to store your Organic Esssiac Tea

Your brewed Esssiac tea must be refrigerated, since there are no additives or preservatives. Do not store brewed tea for more than three weeks, because the tea may spoil.




  1. Take Orgainic Esssiac Tea for 3 weeks and then 1 week off. 3 weeks on, 1 week off etc.

  2. When starting on your Esssiac protocol, try starting on a lower dosage to help your body to adjust. eg. 1 oz 3 times a day for 2 days, then 2ozs 3 times a day for 2 days etc.

  3. Drink plenty of water to help your body rid itself of toxins.

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