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Your Organic Esssiac Tea

Essiac's main action is to remove heavy metals, detoxify the system, restore energy levels and boost and rebuild the immune system.   This will all act to defeat any illness using the body's own resources and defences.  Essiac rebuilds the immune system so that it can rid itself of illness and disease. 


Herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years to improve people's health and the western world is now realising the huge impact and value of these amazing herbs . Essiac tea has been used in Canada to treat people with cancer since the early 1900s. The eight herbs that make up Esssiac help the body eliminate toxins, and by doing that they build up the body's immune system.


We only use organic herbs and we use the entire sheep sorrel plant including roots.  Sheep Sorrel root is the essential ingredient in Essiac Tea.





 Essiac is beneficial for the following health conditions. 


1. High Blood Pressure

2. Chronic Fatigue

3. Chronic Pain

4. Diabetes

5. Arthritis

6. Kidney and Bladder problems

7. Ulcers

8. Liver Problems

9. Colon Trouble

10. Sinus Trouble

11. Gout

12. Pneumonia and Chest Colds

13. High Cholesterol

14. Diarrhea

15. Constipation

16. Asthma

​And many more.

Organic Esssiac Tea Dosage

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