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This is probably THE most important page of the whole site because it will give you all the places to look for the right food, how to get the best help from charities, how to apply for a juicer, etc. I have found every single one of these links extremely useful. Use them, they WILL help!


Charities - There are some great charities out there which are a great help and to which I am very greatful.


Yes to Life  -  is a charity that supports people with cancer in the UK in taking an integrative approach to their treatment


The Holly Eatwell Trust  -  They offer consultations with specialists, loan of a slow juicer and delivery of an organic vegatable box. 



Eating/Supplement/Protocol sites:


Forks over knives - This is a great site that teaches you what to eat and how to eat it. Sounds obvious but after reading the stuff (or in my case, Floriana reading it and explaining it to me), I realised how ignorant I was when it came to things like sugar.


The Cancer Tutor  This guy gives lots of information about food, supplements, etc and why you should take them. Most of it made sense to me. Floriana also contacted him directly and got some extra stuff...hint hint


The Truth about Cancer  This guy is doing great work interviewing leaders in the field of alternative therapies world wide.  There is so much information here, it will really open your eyes.  



Facebook pages


Cancerucan    A fabulous group of supportive people.



More to be added as we find them :-)


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