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Stop & Smell The Roses

April 2018

It’s the last few days of April and we have the Pink Moon arriving!

April's Full Moon on April 29th in the US and April 30th for Europe marks the arrival of the Pink Moon. Named by some American Indian tribes for the little pink flowers called Wild Ground Phlox that appear in the meadows at this time of the year.

This is a good day for gratitude and honour as you celebrate all your accomplishments up to this point in your life without being attached to how they have defined you. Allow this full moon to support you in creating new intentions for redefining who you are. Do not allow Cancer to define who you are. You are BIGGER than Cancer. You are MORE than Cancer.

I have found Cancer to be a great learning tool. I am grateful daily for all that it has taught me and the people it has brought me into contact with. I feel so blessed.

Many people find a gratitude journal helpful. If it is something you have yet to try, give it a go. You may surprise yourself.

Edible Flowers

It came to my attention recently that Tulip petals are edible! Yes, I was aware that there are many edible flowers, but it just never occurred to me that Tulips would be on that list. I don’t know why, it just surprised me. So, I did a little research, just to confirm that they were ok to eat before I passed on the info to you guys. Of course, you must ensure that they are organic, ie not sprayed with any nasties but what a great, colourful addition to your salad, wraps, juices and anything else you can think of.

Tulips, like most edible flowers supply vitamin C, a nutrient that helps stave off infections, so they are great for cough & cold, sinus pain, hay fever and headache. Only eat the petals – not leaf or other parts of the tulip.

The vivid colours of Tulips suggest the presence of beneficial compounds called phytonutrients, flavonoids and antioxidants, all of which can lower your risk of certain health problems such as cancer and heart disease.

Remember to introduce new flowers to you diet in small quantities to be sure they don't cause an allergic reaction or stomach upset.

Pick flowers first thing in the morning after the dew has dried and just as they are beginning to open for peak flavour.

Here is a Youtube video I came across that shows you a simple Tulip Salad with dressing, along with one or two tips regarding selecting your Tulip petals. Enjoy!

Stop & Smell The Roses

It appears that so many now live a reactive life. They go from one drama to another. They have forgotten about their true self, their BEING, their connection.

They are manufacturing, manifesting drama, stress in their lives because they are not connected to who they are. They are not controlling their life, they are reacting to events around them.

Your experience of life is determined by what is happening within you, not what is happening around you.

It’s time to stop and ‘smell the roses’.

We will have more on this subject next time.

Until next time, enjoy your pink moon.

Much love,

Zara xx

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