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Estrogen Driven Cancers & Essiac Tea

It’s not the natural Estrogens that are the problem, its the xenoestrogens, the man made estrogens...estrogen mimickers, endocrine disruptors. These types of Estrogens gets in our body and attaches to hormone receptors and causes problems. We get these man made, bad xenoestrogens from drinking water, taking birth control, perfume, plastics, metals, tin cans, even toilet paper, As this is what cause our bodies to become overloaded in fake Estrogens....this is what causes tumours, fibroids, endometriosis, and leads to cancer.

We hear from time to time that those with Estrogen Driven Cancers should not consume Essiac Tea due to the Red Clover.

Red clover is one of the herbs in essiac tea. It also happens to be a rich source of isoflavones. Why are isoflavones important?

Isoflavones in food such as soy are not sufficient to cause breast cancer, and in fact a lifelong diet including such foods actually reduces breast cancer: Mayo Clinic

There is not enough red clover in the 8-herb formula to be a problem at the normal dose of 2oz (even 2oz twice) a day.

When we calculate the amount of Red Clover that is in the 8-herb blend, and you would have to take a considerable amount of Essiac daily for the Red Clover to be any problem whatsoever.

Okay, so we have

.06 of an ounce of red clover in a pot, and if we assume that all of that ends up in the 32oz bottle of Essiac... we're going to take just 2 of those ounces out for a single dose...

There is now .00375 of an ounce (4/1000 of an ounce) of Red Clover in that dose.

As you can see the amount of red clover included in the formula is exceedingly small. Quite often, a practitioner who spreads a myth about essiac that red clover should be taken out is either not trained in herbs or they are not aware of how tiny the amount is in this formula. So blanket statements that red clover should not be consumed by those with estrogenic cancers are unfounded and a disservice to those wishing to heal.

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